Public institutions

The technical and political committees are collaborative forums in which the focus of the work involved in drafting the Plan is debated, and technical decisions are made according to the prevailing political commitments, exercising the responsibility that citizens entrust to their elected representatives.

Public institutions
The committees envisaged within this participation space will be established as the various phases for drafting the Plan take place, in accordance with the Basic Document for drafting the PDU included in the Public participation programme of the Preliminary Document of the Plan. 
    PDU Governing Committee (See members)

    This is the forum for strategic debate and decision-making regarding the orientation and approval of the working plan by six representatives of the AMB Governing Board, taking into account the proportionality that each political group warrants. Eleven representatives of metropolitan municipal councils are also members. 

    PDU Metropolitan Council Informative Committee (See members)

    This is the information and meeting point of the Government of AMB, and there is a representative from each of the metropolitan political groups.  

    Executive Committee with the Government of Catalonia

    This will be the forum between the AMB Government and the Government of Catalonia, through the Secretariat for Urban Habitat and Territory.

    Committee for Relations with Other Institutions

    These will be spaces for meetings between representatives of AMB and representatives of other public administrations with powers or the capacity to act in the thematic areas that are addressed in the PDU.
    PDU Technical Management Committee (See members)

    A forum for coordination of technical work and production processes. Its mission is to define and validate the strategic lines of work that the team undertakes.

    Technical Working Committee with the Metropolitan Municipal Councils (See members)

    A space establishing the technical participation of AMB's municipalities through subcommittees organised into four major territorial areas – following the logic of the Governing Committee – in order to be able to work more closely on the specific territories of the subjects addressed: the DeltaLlobregat Area, Vall Baixa–Ordal Area, VallèsBarcelonès Nord Area, Barcelona Area.

    Technical Working Committee with the Government of Catalonia (See members)

    A space for cooperation between the AMB Urban Services Directorate and the various areas of the Government of Catalonia, coordinated through the Directorate General for Urban Services, to coordinate the technical issues for which both institutions have powers.

    Technical, sectoral and cross-disciplinary committees

    Areas for sectoral, thematic and broad-based technical cooperation will be established with other institutions, organisations and bodies specialising in specific areas that can make specific contributions in their field of knowledge.