From the outset, the drafting process of the PDU has incorporated the logic of disseminating and sharing the knowledge created in various participatory actions; ranging from those of a more communicative nature to those that are more collaborative. Information on the most important actions that have been undertaken by AMB can be found below.

  • Participatory debates and workshops

    Consult all the information related to the debates held during the participatory process of the Metropolitan PDU Preliminary Document.

  • Exhibitions

    Revisit the exhibitions that have taken place and download the materials produced. See the exhibition narratives and available documentation.

  • Themed round tables

    Which round tables have been carried out? Find out which cross-disciplinary studies have been exhibited, who participated, and what urban planning guidelines were agreed.

  • Workshops

    What is a workshop? Which workshops have taken place? Find out how these technical seminars were structured, how the open discussions took place, and the conclusions that can be drawn from each one.