Metropolitan Urban Master Plan Proposal

Metropolitan Urban Master Plan Proposal
AMB. Servei de Redacció del Pla Director
ISSN 2339-8922
Catalan , Spanish , English


The metropolitan area of Barcelona is a widely complex region which requires a performing urban planning able to meet the present and the future needs of the area. Manifold challenges, such as housing, climate change, globalisation, energy transition or the social yearning for a better place to live, compel institutions to see the big picture and develop planning tools that can lead to a new city model. Those tools should be flexible enough to address demands that cannot be anticipated now. This is the function of the Metropolitan Urban Master Plan.
On March 2019, the Metropolitan Council approved the Proposal of the Metropolitan Urban Master Plan (PDU), which includes the work done during the last two years by the Urban Planning Services Directorate, and the previous workshops, discussion tables and participation events, too. This is the first step to the legal procedure of the master plan, after which will come the public consultation, the eventual modifications that shall arise from content evolution and various contributions (from specialists and citizens), and the subsequent proposal to submit to initial approval.
This publication puts an end to the first stage of drafting. It accessibly summarises all the materials used to develop the PDU Proposal, and completes the 16 issues of the Quaderns PDU metropolità series. Its content constitutes a great effort of synthesis, as an invitation to deepen into all previous papers, all available on the PDU website