Given the complexity of properly establishing a process of involvement that is consistent with the narratives of the various stakeholders, the bodies monitoring the Plan have been designed according to a participatory structure that is based on three main pillars: the political and technical spheres of government bodies – local, metropolitan, regional and Spanish – and the public.

In regard to government bodies, various committees have been established that will periodically bring together AMB representatives with experts and elected representatives of metropolitan municipalities and other territorial and sectoral spheres. Open debates are planned for the public, as well as lectures for specialised audiences in professional associations and research centres, and more restricted work spaces with civil society, organised in associations, local institutions, etc.
  • Citizens

    This space lists the various stakeholders that the PDU will address, and how their voice has been incorporated into the Plan's participation process.

  • Public institutions

    Here you can consult the various political and technical committees established to accompany the drafting of the Metropolitan Urban Master Plan, as well as their members.