‘The positioning of the AMB with respect to the European Union'

Between 2004 and 2005 several studies were carried out to analyse the positioning of the metropolitan region of Barcelona compared to the main metropolitan regions of the European Union. The analysis was conducted according to a classification of the economic functions of the agglomerations in three dimensions: city-leisure, city-seat and city-innovation. Each one of these functions was measured with a set of indicators of both results and potential.

Barcelona obtained good results in city-leisure, poor in city-innovation and disappointing in city-seat. Ten years later, along with the effects of the present economic crisis, it is necessary to see the evolution of the positioning of Barcelona and the other cities. The study required updating the available indicators, but it is sufficient to make a comparison with the situation ten years ago and obtain results consistent with those obtained at that time.

The present result shows us that progress has been made in city-leisure, a substantial improvement in city-innovation and, conversely, there has been no progress in city-seat. Conclusions should be drawn from this evolution that should be considered for the strategic planning.