‘Towards a highly flexible density and classification of land'

We base ourselves on the principle that density is an expression of urban complexity, it encourages the intensity of uses and, at the same time, it is a necessary condition for facilitating diversity. To preserve this undeniable value, zoning must not be an obstacle when permitting adaptation and mixed uses that were unforeseen a priori in the plan.
The stagnation of the zoning of systems has to be reviewed and the possibility to combine them with different uses must be allowed (without losing the protective nature).
Nevertheless, can the city achieve the same intensity of use throughout its whole dimension? We cannot foresee it, although it would be necessary to encourage sufficient intensity in the areas located in communication infrastructure intersections (railway, metro, tram, etc.). These points are precisely where it is necessary to invest in order to boost intensity and diversity of uses. We cannot ignore the opportunity in places where there is already a confluence of infrastructures. They need to be turned into nodes of diversity and complexity. Alongside, the rest of the city has to coexist with less intensive models as regards the combination of uses. Ways must be found to build a city with strictly residential neighbourhoods, linked to areas with greater urban complexity.