The aim of incorporating this participation sector is to add the perspective of the public, who have extensive knowledge of the urban areas in which they live and work, and to compare their opinions with the technical assessments made by the Plan's Editorial Staff.

The public participation programme specifies the map of institutional agents that must be included in the stable participatory structures for debate, reflection and proposal for the PDU. However, in order to make the entire map as representative of metropolitan society as possible, the public must be included in it, and the participation process must be designed according to an inclusive perspective that reflects the diversity of the territory.

On the one hand, open debate days are being held with civil society organised through professional colleges and research centres. And on the other, specific working sessions are planned with specific associations and groups.

Meanwhile, citizens will participate in territorial open debates, accompanied by the 'Metropolis of Cities' travelling exhibition, in order to circulate the contents of the Plan in a more educational way.

Finally, local institutions can participate either in the planned public debate sessions, or specific work spaces will be scheduled where appropriate.