Publications, conferences, newspaper articles, exhibitions and this website are the various means used to publicise the Metropolitan Urban Master Plan (PDU). It is essential to communicate and disseminate the knowledge generated in regard to the PDU in order to involve all the agents and individuals concerned in the design of the metropolis.

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  • News

    Stay up to date with the PDU drafting process.

  • Nodes and Crossings

    The future of road infrastructures

  • Cartographies

    The interactive cartographies are just some of the maps contained in the graphic documentation of the Proposal of the Metropolitan Urban Master Plan (PDU)

  • Exhibitions

    Revisit the exhibitions that have taken place and download the materials produced. See the exhibition narratives and available documentation.

  • Publications

    The ‘Quaderns PDU' Metropolitan Collection and the ‘Metropolis Barcelona' catalogues form the bases of technical knowledge of the territory.

  • Newsletter

    Register or consult the PDU newsletter to be aware of all news

  • Press clippings

    In this space you can consult every story published in the media about the PDU.

  • Downloadable documents

    Consult and download the public documentation of the PDU Preliminary Document, the publications, studies, maps and other documentation, classified by subject.