Interactive cartographies chosen amongst the maps included in the graphic documentation of the PDU Proposal. You can easily find and consult them all in this page.

  • Ecological structure

    It guarantees the ecological operation of the territory, it allows preserving water (which is a scarce and vital natural resource), providing quality and continuity to green areas, and at the same time preserving activities such as agriculture and fishing.

  • Urban and social structure

    Consisting of centrality areas, metropolitan roads and green structure, it shows how the territory can be structured and the social relations that can be built.

  • Mobility and service networks and infrastructure

    It shows the structure that guarantees the city operation, consisting of high-capacity road infrastructures and service networks.

  • Agroforestry mosaic

    It includes forests and agricultural areas combining two environmental and social relevant features: high quality biodiversity, and performance and regulation of natural cycles.

  • Urban settlements

    The existing fabrics are shown from various perspectives: morphology, function, relative location and metropolitan role.

  • Action strategies

    Map providing an initial approach to the areas needing demarcation for intervention, and requiring a specific perspective on some unique situations or opportunities.