The PDU has established a context for and carried out a diagnosis of the metropolitan territory, resulting in challenges to be met by the proposal in accordance with its general objectives and its capacity for action. Once the various options have been assessed and selected, the PDU can focus on the challenges and apply the finishing touches to its proposals. The preliminary document is divided into four sections: structural elements, the agroforestry mosaic, urban settlements, and areas of action.


    Taken together, the ecological structure, the social and urban structure, and the networks and infrastructure make up the main morphology of the metropolis.


    The agroforestry space accounts for 55% of the metropolitan surface area and plays a leading role within the framework of sustainable and resilient development.


    The regulation of urban settlements from various perspectives is necessary to improve living conditions (habitability) and production conditions (competitiveness) in the metropolis's existing fabrics.


    A specific examination of environments where, due to their singular nature or the opportunities they provide, the PDU aims to reinforce its metropolitan model.