Metropolitan Urban Master Plan

Discover the Metropolitan Urban Master Plan (PDU). Once the preliminary document was approved, the public information phase commenced, which is based on technical reflection, communication and public participation. Content generated in an open, multidisciplinary and cross-cutting process feeds the plan with a view to constructing the urban planning foundations of the future metropolis.

The AMB has started the Metropolitan PDU's technical and administrative process, which will culminate in its definitive approval and publication following the initial approval, strategic environmental declaration and provisional approval phases.
Once the preliminary document was approved by the Metropolitan Council, on 26 March 2019, the public was duly informed and given the opportunity, until 13 December 2019, to put forward proposals and make suggestions with a view to improving the plan during the drafting period prior to its initial approval.
    It is necessary due to the termination of the current plan, the PGM, which after more than 40 years (during which it was flexible enough to accept the introduction of hundreds of amendments and the development of a diverse range of planning instruments) is no longer capable of meeting new challenges.

    It is desirable in order to ensure that the rules of the game and the priorities of urban and territorial planning are clearly defined and that the objectives of the various agents involved are in alignment with each other. The adverse effects of not having an up-to-date and ambitious plan need not be explained.

    Finally, implementing such a plan is now possible, thanks to the confluence of three key arguments in its favour that seldom occur at the same time. First, the practical planning experience gained by technicians and government bodies in recent years, which they have shared with schools and universities, has resulted in the existence of human capital with the level of knowledge that such a challenge requires. Second, the advances made in information technology and scientific knowledge are now sufficient to make it feasible. Finally, it is politically, legally and administratively practicable thanks to the Barcelona Metropolitan Area Act, passed by the Parliament of Catalonia in 2010, which granted the powers necessary for the preparation of the plan.
  • General objectives

    Summary of the 10 objectives that the PDU defines to achieve a healthy, democratic, equitable, socially just, sustainable and resilient metropolitan area.

  • Challenges and opportunities

    Detection and explanation of the diagnosis made by the PDU for the unified management of the metropolis as an ecosystem in which everything is interrelated.

  • Aims

    Description of the main ideas and characteristics of the proposal set forth in the preliminary document of the PDU, structured into the four categories in which it was developed.

  • Documentation of the PDU Proposal

    Consultation space where you can download all the documentation associated with the Proposal of the Metropolitan Urban Master Plan.